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This is 2017 Airush - Team | Reefer | Diamond | Progression
Kitesurfing Digest - 18 Jul 2016
Chapter One - A story about how kiteboarding became great.
Twintip Kite Foil Released with Inflatable Board!
Cabrinha Fireball - Set to change the way kiters 'hook up'.
Kitesurfing Digest - 4 Jul 2016
Bridge Bro's Break World Sailing Record on Kites
Learn how to S-Bend with Ewan Jaspan
Job Opportunity - Working with the sports you love
Does your favourite kiter chick, kite NAKED in Winter?
Cool Strapless Tricks with a Twintip/Surfboard
Kitesurfing Digest - 20 Jun 2016
How to make the most of your kids kiteboarding lessons.
100 yr Old Man Goes Kiteboarding for his Birthday!
What's the difference between a 6m kite. And a 6m kite?
Watch a Kitemare unfold, and a rescuer ask for money!
This is why Windsurfers convert to Kiteboarding
Got kids? Start 'em young. Start 'em now!
Kitesurfing Digest - 1 Jun 2016
A Masters Degree in Life, by Traveling the World Kiting
Kiteboard 4 Cancer in it's 10th Year
Pro Camp in Fiji with Dan Sweeney
ZANZIBAR Island, Tanzania, East Africa NOW ON SALE
Kite Foiler Almost Collides With Whale!
Life Saving Advice for Kitebording in Winter Weather
Watch a kite being electrified by powerlines
Welcome to the Other Side - Incredible Freestyle in WA
Learn how to Raley with Ewan Jaspan
Bikini Babes and Kiteboarders - Selling products since 1999

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Bali Kite Testival - Cabrinha 2017
Demo Weekend With Adrenalin Rush
Iko Instructors Course
Iko Instructors Course
Iko Instructors Course
Iko Instructors Course
Iko Instructors Course