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Friends to kite with

Created by Donnie911 1 month ago, 3 Mar 2021
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3 Mar 2021 10:22PM
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Hey there,
My names Isaac and I'm from Cairns. I just moved to Brisbane and I am looking for some friends and some safe spots to kite at.
I ride 10m Evo and I'm not to sure how to read tides.
I am still a beginner

WA, 1299 posts
4 Mar 2021 7:13AM
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Hi Issac,

I'm not based in Brisbane, but I've been around there a few times to kite. There is a good beginner spot in the Gold Coast commonly called ''KFC''. It's at Len Fox Park :

It works with many wind directions, but is usually gusty due to surrounding buildings, etc.

Local kiters there were pretty friendly and I'm sure they'll give you plenty of advice when you show up there.


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4 Mar 2021 9:38AM
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Yep, what christian said....

Also, in brisvegas try Thompson's at viccy point and Mudgate (Sandgate)....

Learn those tides as soon as u can, they will be ur friend if u use them properly....


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4 Mar 2021 7:22PM
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Hello Issac,
If you are on the North side of Brisbane you could try Sandgate or Brighton. Very safe and friendly,maybe stay away from an hour either side of high tide.
Good luck

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5 Mar 2021 11:34AM
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Hi Isaac

Welcome to Brisbane, we've got a lot of different spots and most are decent for beginners.

On the Northside you've got:
Sandgate (
Brighton (

Both spots are within a stones throw of kite shops and have their own group of locals that frequent the spots.

On the Southside, there's a few spots:
Wellington Point ( - a little more sketchy than most, tide dependant
"LOTA" (
Victoria Point (
Thompsons Beach (

Head to whichever is closer when the wind is up, and talk to the guys and gals at the beach. Don't go out by yourself until you get the lay of the land.


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