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Kiddy pool = not for learners.

Created by polykarb 1 month ago, 24 Feb 2021
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24 Feb 2021 11:14PM
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Today I got told off from a beginner/intermediate Kiter at the kiddy pool for riding dangerously in their opinion and thought it's time to educate the facts again:-

I was underpowered, only barely being able to maintain ground, not enough wind for any unhooked or "dangerous" stuff... but I could do a few loops, transitions etc. Mowing the lawns in the kiddy pool is not cool. There is plenty of bay to go mow, please leave this small area for trick pony's and progression.

You are putting yourself at risk by trying to kite in an advanced area where your skills and reactions do not match. Leaving your belongings on the beach on the kiddy pools small beach area is not cool, leave your **** in the car. (It's a small area, go to west beach if you need to leave your stuff on the sand please, or at least not in the small launch/land zone). Parking your kite at 12 and fluffing around at the waters edge and/or shallows is not cool. It forces everybody else to avoid you... just get going and try to get into a rotation with the other Kiters already using the area.

Kiters will loop, dive and fly their kites aggressively in this area, advanced Kiters are trying to generate extra power for tricks, unhooking etc.. you need to be able to anticipate other riders and react accordingly.

rant over...

hopefully I won't get told off for my "dangerous" kiting again anytime soon..



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"Kiddy pool = not for learners." started by polykarb